5 Ways To Look & Feel Great Over The Holidays

5 Ways To Look & Feel Great Over The Holidays

5 Ways To Look & Feel Great Over The Holidays

5 Ways To Look & Feel Great Over The Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it is pretty easy to let things get out of control. Some studies show weight gain of up to 6KG over the Christmas season which is going to bite you in the butt come January. The best strategy is to limit the damage now rather than later, so you don’t have such an enormous task in the new year.

Just a few adjustments to your social activities could cut the weight gain in half, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Here are my 5 top tips to stay ahead of the game;

  1. When going out for a party, do not think of it as the main source of your meal or show up hungry. You want to make sure you have eaten first so that when you show up, you can focus on the company your keep and enjoy a couple of low calorie drinks. You will leave feeling lighter, happier and leaner the next day.
  2. When food IS the main event, load up on a larger than life salad focusing on green vegetables to fill you up. By the time you order the main course, you will be able to make a lighter choice as you will most likely be full. Starters which include things like bread actually make you MORE hungry due to blood sugar level spikes.
  3. If you are cooking for people, tell yourself “I am not going to drink anything whilst cooking until the food is served” as this will have two positive effects. You limit your alcohol intake which is better on the waistline and you keep your blood sugars in check so you do not have the urge to over indulge.
  4. Desserts are going to come up, you will most likely crack at some point. We want to limit the damage rather than completely avoid having any treats, why not share a desert with someone so that you literally half the calories? GENIUS!
  5. If you are having a family meal, go for a nice long walk afterwards to rev up the metabolism a little and aid digestion. If this isn’t an option, then be sure to exercise on the day that you have social gatherings as this will balance the scales of energy in Vs energy out.

When all is said and done, you simply CAN’T out-train a dirty diet! If you follow the “I exercise so I can have what I want” school of thought, then you are never really going to make any real progress because it is impossible for things to work that way.

Many of you are going to enjoy now and pay the consequences later, almost like going on a shopping spree on your credit card. The actions you take in the present can have a HUGE impact on your future…

Wouldn’t it be amazing to look at your best in your Christmas photos? Feel more attractive to your partner? Receive compliments from your friends and family?

All this is possible and it’s not too late, in fact now is the perfect time to get your body, health and fitness into incredible form over the next 4-8 weeks so you can REALLY enjoy Christmas 🙂