Stefano with his family

Stefano with his family

Our Core Values

Commitment. We are invested in your success, always going the extra mile to ensure you reach your destination.

Education. We will continually learn so that I can grow physically, mentally and spiritually to support our vision of the optimal lifestyle for others and ourselves.

Passion. We care deeply about helping you to be healthier, stronger and happier in your life, your success equates to our success.

Excellence. To be professional at all times, setting an example for others and continually reaching higher towards greatness.

About Coach Stefano Chiriaco

Professional Stuff! Stefano’s background is mainly in health and fitness, successfully coaching people since 2003. He qualified with Premier Training International and is also a Life Coach, studying with Chrysalis which is approved by the National Counselling Society UK. He also holds further qualifications as a Nutritionist (Premier), Advanced Kettlebell Trainer (ADPF) and a Fitness & Movements Dynamics Specialist (IKFF).

Proud Moments! He was awarded the Bark Certificate of Excellence for 2015 and was formerly Great Britain’s Official Personal Trainer of the Year, presented at the International Fitness Showcase Awards back in 2009.

Presenter! Over the years, Stefano presented his own TV Show on Sky called Kettlebell Training on The Active Channel, also having the good fortune of educating people on how to incorporate this type of training into their routines to get fitter, leaner and healthier.

Claim To Fame! Stefano was the first person in the UK to bring Kettlebell Training to commercial television, having celebrity guests on the show and his personal friend, the world renowned Steve Cotter. During his career, he was mentored by the late Angie Dowds, eventually becoming part of her company. Here, he worked as a ‘Master Trainer’, helping other Personal Trainers to become qualified instructors.

Sponsorship! Stefano was previously a sponsored athlete of Ultimate Sports Nutrition and has been written about in major health and fitness publications, including Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness and Women’s Fitness. He also traveled the country as their representative and appeared at trade shows such as The Body Power Expo.

Author! He currently have an eBook available on Amazon UK & America called Eat Clean, Get Lean, Be Healthy which has had extremely positive feedback, rating 5 stars on average which makes him proud. He has also written for professional media company’s as an expert such as Men’s Fitness and Fighting Fit.

Now! Stefano is focusing on further developing the online side of my business and providing quality fitness bootcamps and group training, bringing mass health and fitness to the world, there are only so many hours in the day!

Stefano with his son Dominic

Stefano with his son Dominic