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Why You Can’t Drop A Dress Size

5 Reasons Why You Can't Drop A Dress Size

Here are the 5 TOP reasons why you can’t drop a dress size

Ladies, I feel your pain because I have seen it 100’s of times over 15 years in the industry, I have made some pretty incredible observations and have come up with 5 MAJOR reasons for not being able to feel great in your favourite dress anymore.

Reason #1 You are an emotional eater

Women are more likely to turn to food when feeling stressed, tired and down. It’s important to know that food isn’t the answer and it that instant fulfilment only makes you feel worse afterwards. Taking time to prepare meals in advance is a good strategy so you are not left over hungry.

Reason #2 You have high water retention 

This is due to your hormonal levels, taking medication such as pills and drinking coffee, yes coffee! The lack of hydration can often make your body hold on to water giving you a bloated feeling. Cabbage, cucumber and parsley help to eliminate excess water.

Reason #3 You don’t exercise the right way

Walking, running, spinning and aerobic classes can only get you so far, strength training produces higher metabolism for longer, in fact 1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories per day. It is important to get this type of training into your routine.

Reason #4 You don’t have breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a sure fire way of reducing your metabolism and turning your body into a fat storing machine. Your metabolism accounts for 80-90% of the calories you burn per day, so working with this is essential to get real results.

Reason #5 Lack of sleep

You will burn 55% less fat when you get less than 7-8 hours of sleep per night, that is too significant to ignore. When you are tired and don’t sleep enough, your body produces more cortisol and increases your hunger, meaning it will be virtually impossible to drop weight.

Start implementing these tips into your life from today and reap the rewards as it’s not about quick fixes and fads, it’s about long term results that make you feel good about yourself and won’t harm you in the long run.

5 Ways To Look & Feel Great Over The Holidays

5 Ways To Look & Feel Great Over The Holidays

5 Ways To Look & Feel Great Over The Holidays

5 Ways To Look & Feel Great Over The Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it is pretty easy to let things get out of control. Some studies show weight gain of up to 6KG over the Christmas season which is going to bite you in the butt come January. The best strategy is to limit the damage now rather than later, so you don’t have such an enormous task in the new year.

Just a few adjustments to your social activities could cut the weight gain in half, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Here are my 5 top tips to stay ahead of the game;

  1. When going out for a party, do not think of it as the main source of your meal or show up hungry. You want to make sure you have eaten first so that when you show up, you can focus on the company your keep and enjoy a couple of low calorie drinks. You will leave feeling lighter, happier and leaner the next day.
  2. When food IS the main event, load up on a larger than life salad focusing on green vegetables to fill you up. By the time you order the main course, you will be able to make a lighter choice as you will most likely be full. Starters which include things like bread actually make you MORE hungry due to blood sugar level spikes.
  3. If you are cooking for people, tell yourself “I am not going to drink anything whilst cooking until the food is served” as this will have two positive effects. You limit your alcohol intake which is better on the waistline and you keep your blood sugars in check so you do not have the urge to over indulge.
  4. Desserts are going to come up, you will most likely crack at some point. We want to limit the damage rather than completely avoid having any treats, why not share a desert with someone so that you literally half the calories? GENIUS!
  5. If you are having a family meal, go for a nice long walk afterwards to rev up the metabolism a little and aid digestion. If this isn’t an option, then be sure to exercise on the day that you have social gatherings as this will balance the scales of energy in Vs energy out.

When all is said and done, you simply CAN’T out-train a dirty diet! If you follow the “I exercise so I can have what I want” school of thought, then you are never really going to make any real progress because it is impossible for things to work that way.

Many of you are going to enjoy now and pay the consequences later, almost like going on a shopping spree on your credit card. The actions you take in the present can have a HUGE impact on your future…

Wouldn’t it be amazing to look at your best in your Christmas photos? Feel more attractive to your partner? Receive compliments from your friends and family?

All this is possible and it’s not too late, in fact now is the perfect time to get your body, health and fitness into incredible form over the next 4-8 weeks so you can REALLY enjoy Christmas 🙂


The Truth About Big Box Gyms

The Truth About Big Box Gyms

The Truth About Big Box Gyms

The Truth About Big Box Gyms

I see this happen time and time again, you are feeling super motivated and positive about getting in shape, things are going to be different this time so you head on in to a big box gym.

You are wowed by the equipment, the facilities, all the classes on offer and then if you sign up ‘today’ you don’t pay a joining fee. It’s a no brainer, take advantage of this deal right now! The sales man tells you don’t worry about reading the terms and conditions, it’s all ‘standard’ so just sign and you do, I mean who wants to waste another minute reading things, you want to get started…

The first week, you get in a session or two, it feels tough and challenging, you already start to emotionally crumble a little, the second week hits and life gets in the way… that is the end of your story. Now it’s all about how you ‘have’ to get to the gym and will do ‘soon’ but you are just so busy.

When you sign up you are thinking positive but here is the thing… you still haven’t encountered the actual reality of transformational training yet, the challenges, the diet and the commitment to your personal cause.

[Shocker coming]

Big box gyms oversell memberships and the business model is all about getting you into a contract so they can build reoccurring revenue. Where is the personalised service? accountability? motivation?

We are very different to these large, big brand corporations. This is how we do things; 

We find the personal reasons ‘why’ you want to get fit, lose weight and be healthy. Fitness is the vehicle that is based on a larger, emotional aspiration, not the goal itself most of the time. Is it to play with your kids? feel more attractive? have more body confidence to perform at work or enjoy life more?

We take the time to chase you up if you don’t turn up, old habits and emotions will pop up so you need someone who can pull you back in when they get in the way. In fact, your mindset is one of the most important factors in personal transformation.

We sell results, not sessions, not access and not anything but that. You know at the end of the initial journey, you will have achieved a specific outcome which is in line with your goals. This includes a solid foundation in nutrition which we deliver and follow up on regularly.

We care about you on a deep level, one of our company values is all about putting you first, not our own egos, business or anything else for that matter. When your own name is attached to a business like ours, you personally invest more because it means more to really help others.

We prefer shorter contracts of 12 weeks rather than 1 year initially, that way you can be committed, we can show our value and deliver on our promise. After than, you can of course take advantage of our longer term deals based on your experience with us, not on an impulse and sales pitch.

We offer community support with regular social evenings, Facebook groups and events for our people, after all, you need a leader and a team of like minded people who have got your back when you need it.

It’s no wonder why so many of these big box gyms have shut down over the recent years…

If you are looking to take your body, health and fitness to the next level, then book a free transformation call by clicking the blue button below or clicking here

Free Bodyweight Workout 2

Free Bodyweight Workout

Free Bodyweight Workout 2

Are you looking to boost your fitness, energy and drop a few pounds? Then try this challenging workout to get you get you fired up, feeling great and sweating in no time! It’s equipment free, challenging but loads of fun.

Be sure to warm up properly before attempting this workout, I suggest you perform each exercise for 3 reps with minimal effort just to get your engine fired up!

Here is your workout!

  • Mountain Climbers (30 sec)
  • Jack Jumps (30 sec)
  • Push Ups (10 reps)
  • Bodyweight Lunges (30, alternate legs)
  • Plank Ups (10 rep)

Technique: Up and down on the elbows alternate sides

  • Left & Right Punches (30 seconds)

Technique: Be sure to keep the hands up and turn the hips with intense torque

  • Toe Touch To Explosive Jump (10 reps)

Technique: Bend the knees, touch the floor keeping the chest up, then reach up and jump

When you get to the end, rest for 60 seconds, repeating the full circuit at least 3 times. I also highly recommend a full body stretch at the end, holding each stretch for a minimum of 10 seconds.

If you are feeling strong that day, finish off with either a 3K run or some sprints 😉

Let me know what you think of this routine, enjoy!

Why Being Comfortable Is The Enemy Of Success

Why Being Comfortable Is The Enemy Of Success

Why Being Comfortable Is The Enemy Of Success

Find Out Why Being Comfortable Is The Enemy Of Success!

I was speaking to a new client recently who was already very fit and she looked great if I am honest, she looks like she could almost be on the front cover of Women’s Fitness, but she still had goals which seemed difficult to break through in her opinion.

This was a very interesting area to discuss because I commonly come across this obstacle in many people. A lot of you feel that you already do ‘so much’ (even if you are not in reality) to be healthy that you become rigid and stop doing what needs to be done to make progress, in this situation it is was alcohol and late evening starchy food choices.

What really hit home for me here is that people in this situation who are already active, fit and wanting to move forward really struggle with motivation. If a client comes to me over weight, fed up and desperate for change, guess what? They usually get awesome results!

Why? Because they are HUNGRY and they WANT it bad enough, they will do literally anything to achieve it. If you are comfortable where you are, living with mediocrity as your best friend and accept it as who you are, why would you really want to push through into tough territory? You see, a strong, deep and personal motivation always wins.

Getting in shape so you can play with your kids without being tired, or feel confident at work, or even to look great naked so you feel sexy again is going to push you further than someone ‘just wanting to lose a bit of weight’ or ‘get a bit fitter’.

If you are already fit and want to take it to the next level, is it because it would be ‘nice’ or to be on the front cover or a magazine? Get deep with your why and if you do not have one, create one that scares you enough to kick yourself in the a***!!! Get me?

Sign up for a 10K, book a photoshoot or even do a tough mudder, WHATEVER motivates you TO TAKE ACTION! These are the type of people who inspire others to do great things and the type of clients I choose to work with because it is SO MUCH MORE rewarding, most trainers will take the money even if it’s a bad fit, that is not how I roll with my business.

In fact, recently I met a new client who wanted one to one PT, when I prescribed her what she actually needed versus what she thought she needed, I was immediately faced with resistance. So you know what I said? ‘I am sorry but unless you are able to commit to the program fully, I won’t be taking you on as a client’… yes I turn away some people if they are not going to give 100%, just so you know :-). She signed up of course, but on my terms which is actually better for HER because she upped her game and will ultimately get better results, job done.

Remember, change is inevitable and the arrow of time is the only certainty in the world, you must embrace change, being out of your comfort zone and keep adapting to create progress. If a few changes to your lifestyle is the difference between where you are now and where you want  to be, wouldn’t you willingly get out of your own way and as Nike proclaims ‘just do it’? That my friends is the secret to success.

Free Bodyweight Workout 1

Free Bodyweight Workout 1

Free Bodyweight Workout 1

Free Bodyweight Workout 1

Are you looking to condition your body, melt body fat and feel more positive? Then try this challenging workout to get you one step closer to your goal. No equipment needed, just a ‘can-do’ attitude, a small space and a little time.

Be sure to warm up properly before attempting this workout, I suggest you perform each exercise for 3 reps with minimal effort just to get your engine fired up!

Here is your workout!

  • Running on the spot (30 sec)
  • Close Grip Push Ups (10)

Technique: Use a closer grip, keep the elbows into your sides- hard!

  • Squat Jumps then burpee (no push up)

Technique: Squat jump, then burpee (no push up) back and stand (no jump)

  • Jack Jumps (20 rep)
  • Plank Ups (10 rep)

Technique: Up and down on the elbows alternate sides

  • Full Sit Ups (15)
  • Mountain Climbers (30 reps)

When you get to the end, rest for 60 seconds, repeating the full circuit at least 3 times. I also highly recommend a full body stretch at the end, holding each stretch for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Let me know what you think of this routine, enjoy!

Why You Should Never Book A Cheap Personal Trainer

Why You Should Never Book A Cheap Personal Trainer

Why You Should Never Book A Cheap Personal Trainer

Why You Should Never Book A Cheap Personal Trainer

I just had to write something on this subject because it’s something that people like you (the client) ought to think about when it comes to hiring a fitness professional.

Personal Trainers out there charging little money are NEVER going to get you any results, period. Think about it, if that PT is at work all day and bragging about how busy he is, how is he going to give you a good service? cover your nutrition? or even have the required energy and enthusiasm to deliver a proper session? It doesn’t work.

Cheap Personal Trainers are ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, they undersell their services and under value their own time for low prices, basically doing anything for a pound. Wouldn’t you prefer someone who charges a little more, has more time to invest in you and takes themselves seriously because they know the value they bring? To change lives! I would much rather turn someone away who wasn’t willing to invest because I know how amazing the results will be.

Let me ask you something…

If you invested £30 a month in a cheap bootcamp, how committed are you actually going to be? The investment should at least make you slightly uncomfortable to the point that it will motivate you to get the most out of it. In fact, some of my best clients are people who could barely afford the training, but they put 100% into it because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In fact, people have come to us after spending money on gym memberships, cheap classes and PT’s who offer no accountability, nutrition, support or inspiration for years! What is the true cost of not hiring a real professional? It would actually work out cheaper to achieve your goal in a short time frame for a slightly higher investment.

I would like to finish on this…

Not all Personal Trainers are the same out there! Some PT’s have done very short courses and it’s quite shocking to know that Premier Training International is qualifying people in just 4 weeks! It actually is quite ridiculous to see people claiming to be experts with no experience or credentials. Are you really going to put your health and body in their hands?

If you want life changing results, know that you deserve the best. Choose strength over injury, weight loss over staying the same, fitness over conversation and quality over poor technique and delivery.

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Find out How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle with my top tips!

Many of the people I work with seem to forget about the basics of good health, and even though you may have heard about these before, you must implement them rather than ‘always be trying’. The is a ton of useful information out there on the internet but implementation and motivation is lacking for most people.

I PERSONALLY CHALLENGE YOU to follow these tips for the next 7 days and I guarantee if you do these, you will feel better, lose a little extra weight, have more energy and be more focused. Want that? Then let’s get started!

How To Follow A Healthy Lifestyle Top Tips! 

Get to bed. Thats right! Lack of sleep actually slows your metabolism down, leading to weight gain. Aim for 8 hours every night and you will feel better too. I like to use a rain sounds app which really helps to still the mind before checking out for the day, you can set it to switch off after a certain period of time automatically.

Drink water. 60% of you is water, so it’s essential you drink regularly. This improves energy, flushes out toxins in the body and also promotes weight loss, we can often confuse hunger for thirst. Buy a large bottle of water and be sure to finish it each day, having it by your side is a constant reminder and also an indicator of how much you actually drink.

Exercise regularly. It’s my professional recommendation that we all should be doing some kind of physical activity 3 times per week for 30 minutes as a starting point. Whatever it is you do, whether it’s walking the dog, training at home or going to a class, book in 3 sessions in your diary now with the alarm set to remind you. Keep your heart, lungs and body healthy!

Cut out sugar. Did you know that sugar is more addictive than some class A drugs? It’s in most of our foods and it is literally sapping your energy, destroying your health and promotes fat storage. Focus on low glycemic foods for increased wellness, energy and weight loss.

Reduce your alcohol. Over time, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to serious health risks such as liver disease, heart disease, digestive issues and even cancer. The body treats alcohol as a toxic substance, so it’s best avoided. If you find that you are being influenced by certain people, take yourself out of that scenario, it’s literally destroying your health.

Eat more green vegetables. Veggies are awesome for digestive health, an abundant source of vital nutrients and reduce the risk of disease such as stroke, cancer, diabetes and assist in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Opt for more of these in the evenings with your meal rather than starchy sources of energy found in bread, rice, fruit, pasta or potatoes.

If you need some help on how to follow a healthy lifestyle, then get in contact and book a free transformation call below.

Kettlebells For Women

Kettlebells For Women

Kettlebells For Women

Kettlebells For Women: Why all women should be using them!

If you are not using Kettlebells, you are doing yourself a massive injustice! Can you tell that I am a raving fan? Of course you can and it’s for a reason…

Many women come to me with similar issues, wanting to have a tight core, toned legs, bottom and an athletic, strong body that is feminine and slender too. Sound like you?

Here is why you and EVERY OTHER WOMAN that likes exercising should get involved in the craze.

  1. You burn fat like an absolute furnace. Yes, it will literally fall of your body if you use them regularly due to the highly metabolic nature of them. The reason for this is that it engages your whole body, so it’s more effective at making you lean than steady state cardio.
  2. It targets all of your lady parts. The kettlebell swing is my no.1 exercise for a toned bottom, inner thighs and core. The high repetition of this exercise will lift and tighten your body… fast! You will be swinging your way more admiring looks from strangers and the other half!
  3. It tones up without building up. As the exercises are compound and fully body, it keeps the heart rate high and many muscles working at the same time, meaning you will be doing high repetition work to stay tight and toned. This type of training goes against the muscle bound workouts most PT’s will give you since here, you use a lot of momentum to move the weight rather than all out brute force.
  4. Your body alignment will improve. Working all of the posterior muscles in your body when used correctly will improve your posture, these parts of your body are often neglected in most training programs, avoid this trap and have a nicer stance and more confident image to go with it.
  5. Build your mindset along with your body. A positive and strong mindset goes hand in hand with a good looking physique. Once you are thinking healthier, you will be more motivated than ever before to really reach high and achieve your goals.

If you are interested in getting more information about how to use Kettlebells, book a free transformation call by clicking the button below and we can get you smashing your goals!

How To Stay Fit With An Office Job

How To Stay Fit With An Office Job

How To Stay Fit With An Office Job

If you are like many of the other people out there sitting down for long periods of time, you an most likely feel the ill effects of this in your body, also affecting your general health.

Here are some tips for you to stay on top of things:

Do you get the train directly to the closest station? Or a bus with is pretty much outside your work place? To increase your daily expenditure, get of your mode of transportation early and walk the rest of the way, just be sure to have a pair of trainers in your handbag ladies!

Get around the office more instead of just sending emails, walk up to the person you need to communicate with as this gets you off your bottom and moving around, not only will this improve your circulation and posture, but give you more energy.

Prepare your lunch in advance to make sure your will power doesn’t crack when you realise you are hungry all of a sudden, some our clients literally have alarms on their phones, reminding them to eat to avoid drops in blood sugar!

On that note, be sure to have slow release carbohydrates early in the day to ensure you burn them off, if you are sitting around all day, you don’t need to consume too many energy giving foods. Instead, focus on quality veg, proteins and fats to keep you full and lean.

Drink plenty of water, people often confuse hunger for dehydration which leads to you over snacking when you don’t actually need it. If you have biscuits lying around at tea time, be sure to have some nuts stashed away to keep you feeling satisfied. Once you break the habit, there may some ‘looks’ and even resistance from people, be a leader in this respect and soon they will be following your trends!

Lastly, join a group exercise program such as a bootcamp to keep motivated, focused and results driven in your personal health and fitness goals.

Looking to step up your game? Book a free transformation call with us to see where we can help.