Get Ripped With Kettlebells

Get Ripped With Kettlebells! Now if you haven’t tried using these bad boys then you are really missing out in the fat loss department, not only will they shred 1000’s of calories but they will shape your body too! Here’s is the low down on KB’s… You get a FULL BODY WORKOUT since the movements use every… Read More »

Energy Boosting Foods

Tired of the caffine and sugar lows? Then you need Energy Boosting Foods. Caffine abuse and sugar spiking foods are too often used to get through the day and they usually have the opposing effect to your intention, energy drops that turn you into a zombie and want to start chewing on your friends and… Read More »

HIT Training

So what are the benefits of HIT Training? Athletes have been using these techniques for years to reap the benefits of extreme fitness and conditioning. This is done by combining high intensity anaerobic exercises with short recovery periods. What I LOVE about training in this manner is how efficient it is, you can get so… Read More »

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking for the life you want to live! If I told you that you were most probably a negative thinker, you may find yourself saying “no way! you don’t know me!” and you would be well within your right to say that. Some people are more aware of their thoughts however many of us… Read More »

Bad Posture

Suffering from bad posture?  Pain in the neck, shoulders and back are common in the office due to extended periods of sitting down, bad alignment and general lack of core strength. This can limit the exercises you are able to do without further issue and reduce quality of life! It can also be difficult to… Read More »

Smart Goals For Success

Using smart goals for success is the quickest way to get results! Here is how you can apply SMART to achieve your health and fitness goals this year! SPECIFIC The more specific you are, the more likely you are going to take appropriate action to achieve it. If you don’t know where you are going, how do… Read More »

Training For Weight Loss

Training For Weight Loss but not sure what works best?  If you are following a diet which is lower in carbohydrates then as a general rule, you should ideally be doing ‘lower intensity exercise’ (LIT). The reason for this is because you will have less ‘glycogen’ available in the system to use during ‘high intensity training’.… Read More »

Lose 5lbs in a week!

Here are my TOP 5 TIPS to lose 5 lbs in a week! Dieting doesn’t need to be hard, it just needs to be followed on a daily basis, meal by meal. Follow these steps to kick start your weight loss and look better in just 5 days! Start eating breakfast because it’s scientifically proven that those… Read More »