Why You Can’t Drop A Dress Size

5 Reasons Why You Can't Drop A Dress Size

Here are the 5 TOP reasons why you can’t drop a dress size

Ladies, I feel your pain because I have seen it 100’s of times over 15 years in the industry, I have made some pretty incredible observations and have come up with 5 MAJOR reasons for not being able to feel great in your favourite dress anymore.

Reason #1 You are an emotional eater

Women are more likely to turn to food when feeling stressed, tired and down. It’s important to know that food isn’t the answer and it that instant fulfilment only makes you feel worse afterwards. Taking time to prepare meals in advance is a good strategy so you are not left over hungry.

Reason #2 You have high water retention 

This is due to your hormonal levels, taking medication such as pills and drinking coffee, yes coffee! The lack of hydration can often make your body hold on to water giving you a bloated feeling. Cabbage, cucumber and parsley help to eliminate excess water.

Reason #3 You don’t exercise the right way

Walking, running, spinning and aerobic classes can only get you so far, strength training produces higher metabolism for longer, in fact 1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories per day. It is important to get this type of training into your routine.

Reason #4 You don’t have breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a sure fire way of reducing your metabolism and turning your body into a fat storing machine. Your metabolism accounts for 80-90% of the calories you burn per day, so working with this is essential to get real results.

Reason #5 Lack of sleep

You will burn 55% less fat when you get less than 7-8 hours of sleep per night, that is too significant to ignore. When you are tired and don’t sleep enough, your body produces more cortisol and increases your hunger, meaning it will be virtually impossible to drop weight.

Start implementing these tips into your life from today and reap the rewards as it’s not about quick fixes and fads, it’s about long term results that make you feel good about yourself and won’t harm you in the long run.