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Why You Can’t Drop A Dress Size

Here are the 5 TOP reasons why you can’t drop a dress size Ladies, I feel your pain because I have seen it 100’s of times over 15 years in the industry, I have made some pretty incredible observations and have come up with 5 MAJOR reasons for not being able to feel great in… Read More »

How To Lose Weight Fast With Supplements

How To Lose Weight Fast With Supplements

How To Lose Weight Fast With Supplements Although I am a great believer in hard work, sweat and tears… supplements can have a HUGE impact on your results if used in conjunction with an exercise plan and proper nutrition program. Natures Sunshine is a brand that I know, trust and like, I recommend their products… Read More »

Fat Burning Foods

Fat Burning Foods

What are the best Fat Burning Foods? Some of the foods have a direct effect on fat burning whilst others will help you lose weight due to the benefits of eating them. Include more of these foods in your diet and start reaping the rewards. Kale is great at suppressing the appetite and clearing toxins from… Read More »

Healthy Eating Plan

Following a Healthy Eating Plan If you are looking to follow a healthy eating plan, then here are a few things that I recommend all people do. This post is not specifically tailored towards weight loss, gain or maintenance but is a good starting point for energy, health and digestion. Here are my top tips… Read More »

Emotional Eating

How To Stop Emotional Eating

How To Stop Emotional Eating Emotional eating in simple terms is overeating in response to feelings rather than actual hunger. From a young age, we quickly learn that food can provide comfort when feeling emotionally unstable, this is fine at times but when it happens repeatedly, it becomes a habit which then becomes a problem… Read More »

How To Reduce Stress

How To Reduce Stress Meditation, breathing and positive mantras may seem a bit ‘whacky’ to you if you are not aware of it’s practises and benefits, but rest assured you will soon learn how incredible deep breathing is for  your health. People tend to hold their breath and create tension in the body whenever they… Read More »

Energy Boosting Foods

Tired of the caffine and sugar lows? Then you need Energy Boosting Foods. Caffine abuse and sugar spiking foods are too often used to get through the day and they usually have the opposing effect to your intention, energy drops that turn you into a zombie and want to start chewing on your friends and… Read More »

Lose 5lbs in a week!

Here are my TOP 5 TIPS to lose 5 lbs in a week! Dieting doesn’t need to be hard, it just needs to be followed on a daily basis, meal by meal. Follow these steps to kick start your weight loss and look better in just 5 days! Start eating breakfast because it’s scientifically proven that those… Read More »