Lean Size & Strength Project

Lean Size & Strength Project

Lean Size & Strength Project

The Lean Size & Strength Project

Are you looking to drop a few belt sizes and build your athletic body to look and perform at your best?

This is exclusively for guys who are looking to get fitter, stronger and more athletic within 12 weeks!

Work together in a maximum group of 4 where you can feel a strong sense of camaraderie, support and motivation to break through your comfort zone and push it to the limit.

The program consists of olympic lifting including squats, deadlifts, shoulder press and bench press… because you gotta love toned pecs! These movements are designed to promote maximum strength and conditioning.

Alongside this, you will be using kettlebells and bodyweight exercises to maximise fat loss, athletic fitness and accelerate your results. Combining the best classics with new movements, you get the whole package.

So what is included in this program?

*16 x1 hour semi-private Personal Training sessions (2 per week over 3 months)

*Kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight conditioning

*Eat Clean, Get Lean, Be Healthy! The Amazon UK top rated eBook

*Weekly emails giving you support, nutrition guidance and  individual feedback

*Bodyfat testing and measurements every 4 weeks for tracked results

*Access to our private VIP Health & Fitness Group on Facebook for healthy recipes and motivation

*Free Access to our online bodyweight HIT workouts including over 35 videos (worth £99 per month)

Sessions are generally at peak times but you must enquire as availability is limited due to popularity.

You can find us at our specialist facility located in Harpenden, closer to the St Albans side.

Conditional Money back guarantee. We are so confident about what we do that if you can truthfully say you do not feel or look any better after 12 weeks, providing you attend all the sessions and follow the nutrition recommendations, then we will refund you in full.

What is the investment? 3 payments of £260 payable every 4 weeks via direct debit.

Interested in applying to join? Not everyone is suitable for this, we only accept committed, coachable, investment minded and action taking guys on this, is that you?

Take the next step and apply for a free transformation call by clicking the button below.