Success Stories

Jo Testimonial

“I contacted Stefano after seeing an intriguing advert that popped up Facebook back in July 2016. Kettbox Bootcamp sounded great and after checking out Stefano’s website and the success stories, I wanted to get involved with what was on offer!

 I was fed up with paying a monthly gym membership and not attending regularly due to lack of motivation. I needed one to one support and guidance, not only for exercise but diet too! So I took the plunge and requested a call back from Stefano to discuss signing up. I was nervous and perhaps a bit sceptical but I instantly got great vibes from Stefano and couldn’t wait to start my first session!

The first session was a killer, I was a kettlebell virgin and had never really done any boxing! I soon picked it up and although tough, it was fun. Stefano was patient and very informative throughout, by the end of the session I felt as if I had done a really great workout. Everyone in the group was friendly and it was great working out with like minded people, all shapes and sizes!

As the weeks went by I received some great email updates from Stefano providing nutritional information and workouts to do at home should I ever miss a session (I even have my own kettlebell now!). Stefano’s book is excellent and has some fab recipes!

I haven’t been 100% on plan since I signed up, yep I have fallen off the wagon and missed some training sessions but Stefano always gets my head back in the right place. After 12 weeks I was 12 pounds down, a dress size smaller and much better educated about exercise and diet! There was no way I was going to stop there so I signed up for a 12 months and have absolutely no regrets!

On top of the results I have seen so far, I have made some great friends and look forward to the sessions! If you are reading this and contemplating contacting Stefano – DO IT! You won’t be disappointed” Joanne (Before & After 12 Weeks)

“My wife arranged it for me as a 10th anniversary present. She was worried that I was gradually getting more and more frustrated, demoralised and worried about my weight, having a constant lack of energy with no motivation. I was terrifically unfit and unable to play with my 4 year old without getting out of breath.  In reality she worried that if I carried on in the manner I was going, I would drop down dead from a heart attack or something!

Since working with Stefano, I feel better, physically obviously, but mentally and emotionally. I’m no longer frustrated. I have so much more energy. My concentration at work is so much better.  I am A LOT more confident and content with my appearance. The downside is that I had to throw out practically my whole wardrobe! It’s had a massive positive impact on my relationship with my wife. I’ve got loads of energy to play with our kids. I suddenly find myself being “chatted up” by women, which is an unusual experience for me!

I am happy to say I have gone down from 19.5 stone to 13.5 stone, losing more than 5.5 stone in 5 months! I’ve learnt that nothing is impossible. I’ve learnt that you HAVE to push yourself out of your comfort zone, continuously. Most of all I’ve learnt that there are some challenges can’t be overcome on our own. Sometimes we need help, and it takes more courage and conviction to accept that and allow someone to help you!” Nathan (Before & After, 5 months)

Becky Testimonial

“I was always someone who dreaded going to the gym, I lacked motivation after never achieving the results I wished for. I was also a sucker for a fad diet normally in desperation to lose a few pounds before a holiday. Now? I can honestly say I’m the healthiest and happiest I have ever been and this is down to my journey at Kettbox Bootcamp with Stefano. Not only has it transformed and strengthened my body but more importantly my mind set. It has now become a part of my lifestyle and there is no going back.

When I first attended Stefano’s Bootcamp class and I was quite anxious, I felt worried that I’d committed to something I may not be able to do or sustain, I had the feeling of failure before I’d even begun. In previous fitness classes I often felt uncomfortable and as if there was an expectation to already know what to do. After the first 10 minutes at Kettbox Bootcamp I knew this was going to be different. I learnt completely new techniques as well as relearning old ones – the right way. I wasn’t just trying to copy someone at the front of a room, I was being personally trained with individual care and dedication to my progression, all this while having the comfort of being surrounded by other ladies with a range of abilities and personal goals but all sharing the same passion to work together to feel great.

After 3 months on the plan I had nearly lost a stone and was feeling my fittest ever, my addiction was no longer wine or chocolate after a long day… It was Kettbox! I signed up for a further 3 months where I not only continued to lose weight but it’s actually stayed off – we all know it likes to creep back on! I began to feel like I was sculpting my body, I was losing inches all over and had becoming toned and defined. Kettle bells along with HIT training and boxing seemed like the perfect cocktail for my body to kick into shape. I’ve learnt my body is capable of a lot more than I could have ever imagined.

A big part of my change was food. I was used to grabbing the easiest thing in a rush, forgetting to eat at work and then would binge at the weekends with takeaways and alcohol. Now I see meals and food completely differently and noticed instant results when starting the healthy eating plan and using the online recipes.

I can’t express enough how much I’ve grown as a person by being supported by Stefano and the Kettbox family, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone whilst having some of the funniest times. Of course we work hard but play hard too, giggles get us through the pain and I never see exercise as a chore anymore. The social events organised are brilliant, it’s great to see everyone having fun with their hair down and out of trainers!

It’s been incredible and I have a new found energy inside and out. I have just signed up to become a long-term member – bring on the year ahead if this is what 6 months can do!” Becky (Long-term Kettbox Member)

Robert Testimonial

“I joined Stefano and the group on Friday June 10th at 6am in the morning! That first morning I have to admit I thought… there must better ways to get fit?

After the first 15 minutes it hit home just how disgracefully unfit I was. I had been kidding myself over past couple of years that I was OK, still playing a bit of squash and cutting down alcohol every now and then. We were always eating food late in the evenings and always had sweets in the house.

I had been a county squash player until my early 30’s and had always been reasonably fit but with having a bad accident a change in work life and a growing family the sport slowly started taking 2nd or 3rd place to other priorities. I had overheard someone in a squash club say my god is that Rob Stratford? I was starting to realise that I had really let myself go.

Then June the 9th I came across Stefano’s website on an advert and later that afternoon I had a 20-minute chat with him and that was it. Stefano has made something click inside me and I now really do want to be fit again. I have listened to Stefano talk about food and nutrition, read the information pack issued and I can honestly say that I now enjoy all the healthy foods.

The actual boot camp training is just brilliant, I now look forward to leaving work and getting to training, I weirdly look forward to the 6am training on Fridays.

I am still in the early stages but in 8 weeks and 1 day I have gone from just over 101KG down to 92KG. I can’t wait to start Stefano’s new program for men on Monday and take things to the next level, Bring it on! I don’t see this as a short term thing but more a lifestyle that I want to keep. Many thanks for the encouragement and inspiration Stefano” Robert (Before & After 8 weeks)

Neela Before & After

“It’s easy as a working mum to let things slip a little, eating late at night, washing it down with a glass of wine, driving to the shops instead of walking just to save a few minutes. Those small slips soon become bigger slips, the glass of wine becomes two, the late night meal becomes a sneaky take away.

Then one day you go out for a day into London and notice that you are becoming breathless walking around.

You notice that you are saying things like “I’ll sit here whilst you go and look around”

So what do you do? Of course you join the gym! You sign up for a years contract and vow to go three times a week – you see the nice man who writes you out a programme, you go once, sit on an exercise bike and watch Jeremy kyle… a few weeks pass and you go again.. this time you only make it as far as the jacuzzi.

Roll on a year, you’ve hardly made any progress and the bank balance is now £600 lighter. Then comes the realisation that maybe this is it at forty five, fat and failing.

I’ve tried apps, local exercise classes and even PT, nothing worked! Thankfully, I came across an advert for the Kettbox bootcamp and it didn’t take much for me to sign up really, I liked the idea of boxing, I liked the idea of kettlebells, I liked the idea of 12 weeks and bizzarely I liked the idea of 6 am… I was a little apprehensive about the group element as I would be the oldest, would I be the fattest and would I be the most unfit.

Well I probably was all of the above however what an amazing bunch of ladies! So supportive, so enthusiastic, so welcoming, a real feeling of we’re all in this together from the start. Especially on session two when we could hardly walk… 

And then there was Stefano, one of the best coaches I’ve come across… always words of encouragement, but always pushing you to the next levels.. no letting up. He Kept an eye on what we ate, that we were sticking to the easy to follow nutrition guidelines. Also, the helpful emails, the VIP Facebook community!

Of course there were slips or down days… but the encouragement and support to climb back on the horse and keep going was never more than an email away.

12 weeks flew by, so to now…

  • I dropped from 15.1 stone to 12.5 stone
  • Lost over 8 inches off my waist
  • Am 4 dress sizes down
  • I can run up and down stairs with ease
  • I can swing a 10kg kettlebell
  • I can punch fairly well (and now kick)
  • There’s been no alcohol in my house for 12 weeks and no take aways either…
  • No biscuits, crisps, bread, pasta or rice and I don’t miss it. Black coffee tastes good, vegetables taste good, even green smoothies taste good…
  • I need a whole new wardrobe of clothes and now I think differently, I feel different and it’s all good!

One of the best moments for me came when my 13 year old daughter saw the before and after photos…

She looked at me and said “Mum, I’m so proud of you”

So it’s true; you’re never too old to make a change, it’s never too late, it is worth it and if you join the kettbox family it really won’t be too hard!” Neela (Before & After, 12 weeks)

“8 weeks ago I was not in a great place. I was bloated, suffered from chronic IBS, drinking 5 nights out of 7 and my relationship had broken down beyond repair. I have tried every diet you can imagine, Weight Watchers (carrying scales around with me and a points book was not fun), Slimming world (portion control -out of control), Cambridge (starving), Cabbage soup (windy).

6 weeks ago, I saw an advert on line for Kettbox. I missed my first scheduled call from Stefano because I was hung over (sorry Stefano). I started the Tuesday after.

I felt frumpy and embarrassed on my first session, I was the biggest in the group. Stefano and the girls quickly made me feel like one of them. I started slow and couldn’t even do one press up, the idea of holding a plank for 30 seconds seemed like a joke, but I made it, my first session was complete. Over the next few weeks I followed the diet that Stefano had given to us with some great recipe ideas that even I could cook! I started to feel like I was making progress..

Then the demon inside me reared its angry head!

I went out, got drunk, ate terribly and missed a couple of sessions. I was devastated that I was back to the same old routine… Making progress for a few weeks then falling back into my old habits. I had let myself down again. I was close to cancelling my involvement with Kettbox and hiding under a pile of Dominoes pizza boxes and white wine.

As if by magic, Stefano presented a Q&A session at Bootcamp, investing his own time after the session (as he really does care about his clients) and asked each and every one of us about what our greatest struggle was at that time, he knew I needed a kick up the bum so he powerfully reminded me why I started this journey, what I could really achieve and that he believed I could do it- he really held me accountable to my actions and it was just what I needed! 

I was back on track.

Today, I am 16lb lighter, I have lost over 10 inches from my body, I feel healthier and fitter than I have in a long time and it’s only been 6 weeks! Its not easy and sometimes its not fun, I know I am just starting my journey and I know I may lose focus again, it happens, life happens, but Its not about falling, its about getting back up again.

I would recommend Kettbox to anyone, joining Stefano and the team was the best thing I have done in a long, long time.

Sometimes all you need is to hear ”I know you can do it’… and I did!” Kelly (Before & After, 6 weeks)

“Although I have been a member of various gyms over the years I had no direction or clear plan of action as to what I should be doing or as to what I was capable of achieving. Training was something I did not particularly enjoy. As a result my motivation always slipped, and I went to the gym less frequently and, needless to say, failed to get results.

A friend of mine had been training with Stefano for a number of months and I had noticed the results he was getting. I started training with Stefano in early July and I have not looked back! After just 11 weeks of training I have lost more than a stone in weight, my body fat has dropped from 22% to 17% and I’ve lost over 3 inches from my waist. I look and feel years younger and my friends and family have noticed the difference too! With Stefano you get the complete package: a targeted training regime and a dietary plan. I now actually look forward to my training sessions! Stefano always pushes you and expects you to give 100% but he is really supportive and this has kept me motivated and focused” Jon (Before & After, 11 weeks)

“After many years of struggling to maintain my weight and lacking confidence, Stefano opened me up to the world of kettlebell training, which has been revolutionary for me. As kettlebell training is a full body workout I noticed changes in my body shape immediately. From my biceps, to my abs, to my quads, everything became tighter and more defined. And now there is no looking back! I am self confessed kettlebell addict! I lost more than 6kg within a matter of weeks by adjusting my diet, following his Amazon eBook Eat Clean, Get Lean, Be Healthy, losing 10kg total within 3 months.

Stefano is someone who is truly admirable. As a trainer and now ultimately a good friend he makes me proud. He is motivated, driven and strives for excellence through his work. He is always willing to give a helping hand and offer advice to those that need it and does not stand for anything less than being the best” Aniko (Before & After, 4 weeks)

“I took it upon myself to get my body back after having a baby, but I really struggled with it. I felt alone, had low self esteem and no will power to eat healthily. Luckily, Stefano offered to help me and the first thing he did was organise my nutrition program, he made me throw out everything that was junk as having it around was a problem for someone like me. He created a series of bodyweight training programs for me which I followed on the iPad for 3 days a week for 3 months.

Over this time period, I am proud to say I lost over 10kg in weight, making me feel a whole lot better! I felt comfortable in my own clothes again, gained my confidence back and it even improved my relationship with my husband! I can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone who is struggling to lose baby weight, but you really do need to be dedicated if you are serious about getting results! Call him now and change your life, you won’t regret it! Rita (Before & After, 12 weeks)


I saught out Stefano’s help in December 2015,  I had decided that I wanted to make positive changes in my life I was fed up of making excuses and using failing short term solutions dangerous to my long term health. I looked at many PT’s but Stefano really stood out for me so we set a meeting and discussed goals, and a plan I work long hours as a chef so it needed to be effective and short.

We settled on a 12 week Kettlebell challenge, set weight loss goals (which I’ve smashed!), an eating system to get me on track, some life coaching and monthly 1-2-1s (which we do via Skype). I started the kettlebell challenge on 16 Dec 2015 and 11 weeks later I have lost a total of 40.8lbs (18.5kgs) averaging 3.78lbs (1.68kgs) per week.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing I’ve had illness and injuries along the way I have hypermobile joints but Stefano has kept me on track and I used the online videos during my injury. I haven’t finished yet I’m still on my journey to being more awesome and I’m sure we’ll set another 12 week set of goals which Stefano will help me smash. Kelly (Before & After, 11 weeks)

“I didn’t think I would be able to reach my goals as I thought I had already let my body go beyond salvation. I explained to Stefano that my goals were to lose weight and tone up. Stefano firstly changed my eating habits, introducing me to a well balanced diet. We then came up with an exercise program specifically tailored for me. Stefano took into account that I work as a management consultant within the City and tend to work long hours and he ensured that my diet and exercise plan would fit around my busy work schedule.

My body shape began to change within just 2 weeks and after 10 weeks I had lost 7kgs. Stefano has really motivated me to push myself harder and he has made me believe that I can have the physique I have wanted for so long. He introduced me to kettlebell work which I have found to be an excellent form of exercise for fat burning and toning. Stefano’s attitude to training is truly inspirational. He takes great pleasure in seeing you achieve your goals and encourages you with positive feedback and a lot of focused attention. My training sessions with Stefano are varied which ensures training is always fun and a new learning experience. Training with Stefano has made me look fit, feel healthy and happier than I have ever been, contact him if you want to change your life for the better!” Hardeep (Before & After, 11 weeks)

Louise Testimonial

“Well what a journey it has been – A fabulous one of course!

I am one of the original members of Stefano’s Kettbox bootcamp and remember the day I saw the advertisement pop up on my Facebook feed; I reacted almost immediately – the reason why? Very simple…I was bored of the same old routine at my local gym and needed a kick up the bum to try something different!

I was relatively fit but not getting the results I thought I should be from 3 classes a week. I wanted to be more toned, not necessarily lose weight but to feel like the effort I was putting into the exercises was doing the job I wantedKettbox Bootcamp sounded like it could do this job and I decided to make that call.

I knew I would have to push myself, possibly out of my comfort zone but I was prepared for that.What I did not expect is that I had to re-educate myself on food as this is also a massively important factor in getting the results you really want – and let me tell you this has been one of the hardest parts of this whole experience!!

Anyone in my fellow group will tell you how I moaned about food….. I was hungry all the time, I was eating too much sugar, when can I it, can I eat this, how much should I eat…the list goes on and I moaned for quite a while!!

Along with the fantastic range of exercises and techniques Stefano offers, whether this is with or without the kettlebells (who’d of thought those weights that I have seen for many years at the gym, never used, could make such a difference!!) and the combination of boxing which I love, the help and support I have received on nutrition has been amazing – I now cook for myself every evening and I know what to eat and how much, to help keep me going throughout the day – yes I have a treat now and again, I cannot deny that, but as long as I am sensible there is no harm done!

All in all I can say this has been a life changing experience that has and is still challenging me every time I attend each session. I cannot recommend this enough not only for your body but for the mind.

And as an added bonus, I have met some fantastic ladies that have and continue to make this journey even more exciting!!!” Louise (Long term Kettbox Member)


“I have worked with coaches for over 20 years and Stefano is by far the best one that I have ever worked with. Working at a high level within the advertising industry, I have a very busy lifestyle and only want to work with the top people in their field. He has excellent knowledge and a real skill to push you that little bit extra every session to ensure you don’t get comfortable. It also helps that he is a top man, I have already recommended Stefano to several friends who also really enjoy working with him” Neil Jones (CEO)

“Stefano is THE PERSON to see if you are looking for direction in your life, incredible fitness gains and body conditioning. He was the only person that was able to help me as other people didn’t really care, it was just a JOB. With Stefano, you get the whole package, go for it! You won’t regret it!” Eudon Choi (Fashion Designer)

“As a busy executive working long hours in the entertainment field, I often find it difficult to stay in shape and easy to justify excuses as to why I just do not have the time to get in shape. Stefano not only taught me quick and easy ways to work out that fit in around my work schedule, but also showed me how to develop a positive mind set that allowed me to improve my overall lifestyle” Adam Ethan Crow (Stand Up/Film Director)

“Due to my work and excessive lifestyle, I always lapsed back into bad habits and never reached my potential. Training with Stefano is always varied and he’s great at pushing me outside of my comfort zone, he’s a nice chap and easy to get along with. So far it’s been a great experience and Stefano has helped me change my attitude for the better with genuine results” Rob Lane (TV Producer)

“Having known Stefano for a period of time, I would say that he is a hard working, dedicated person who commits 100% and more to whatever he puts his mind to. Driven, focused and loyal, donating his time to bring out the best in himself and others, he is definitely someone to aspire towards and follow” Will Johnson (Actor)

“It is not enough to want something, you have to be able to see it clearly in your mind’s eye and be willing to work for your goals, at all costs. It is not by chance that Stefano Chiriaco is achieving such great success in his personal and professional life, not only as a top-level coach winning all kinds of national and international recognition, but also as a man of high character, always willing to help others. Stefano is one of the hardest-working trainers you will ever meet, setting his personal goals high and working non-stop to achieve them. I have a lot of respect for the kind of person that he exemplifies and I am proud that he is a personal friend” Steve Cotter (Director)

“Having trained as a dancer and having trained professionally with the Royal Ballet for 10 years, I was no stranger to exercise, and was doubtful whether a Stefano would be able to show me anything new. To my surprise Stefano has not only given me a new and varied approach to working out, but has made exercise more effective, concise, focused, and even, dare I say it, enjoyable! He has great knowledge and experience about the human experience that is shared with simple clarity and a straight forward approach, which has motivated me beyond my expectations.” Jeremy Sheffield (Actor)