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Bootcamp Hertfordshire

What makes our Bootcamp Hertfordshire so great?

With so many bootcamps out there, it’s hard to know which one to choose! Most over crowded with poor instruction and results. Here are some of the top reasons why our Bootcamp Hertfordshire excels over most other camps:

Classes are limited to 12 per instructor.

That’s right, it an actual scientific fact that the human mind can’t look after more than 12 people at any one time, we always put your health and results first meaning you will make faster progress in a safe environment.

We provide accountability.

Every 4 weeks, it’s part of the program to take measurements and weigh in, without this part you will not have the motivation to work hard towards a specific goal, plus we will know if we need to adjust anything specifically for you.

Proper nutritional advice.

Without a sound eating plan, you will not get results in weight loss and vitality. Anyone who signs up to our premium Bootcamp Hertfordshire gets a free copy of Eat Clean, Get Lean, Be Healthy… this is my 5 star Amazon UK eBook to make sure you are confident in your knowledge of nutrition.

We bring quality equipment.

Too many bootcamps are still expecting people to be happy with endless jogging and push ups, that is not the case with us! In our Bootcamp Hertfordshire, we provide kettlebells, boxing pads and boxing gloves… all great ways to really lose the pounds and get fit!

Be a VIP.

You also get access to our VIP Health & Fitness Group where you get regular nutritional advice, motivation and community support. It doesn’t stop there! You also get instant access to over 35 bodyweight HIT training videos, so you can put in extra sessions at home or make up any missed bootcamp classes.

Industry leading coaching.

Finally, we are an award-winning Personal Training company, you can expect a high level of support, motivation, expertise and guidance to ensure you have a great experience with results to match. We have some amazing transformations and stories to go with them on the website.

What is the location?

The bootcamp takes at our specialist facility close to St Albans/Harpenden, meaning you can train all year without worries about any of the British weather!

Interested in applying to join the bootcamp? We will only accept you if you are committed, coachable, able to invest in yourself and willing to take action on your desires.

Take the next step and apply for a free transformation call by clicking the button below.