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Bootcamp St Albans

The Exclusive 12 Week Kettbox Bootcamp St Albans

We know how hard it is to be motivated to get your act together, and how frustrating and hopeless you can feel when nothing seems to work for you, that is why this incredible Bootcamp St Albans was created.

Who are we? This bootcamp is run by Stefano Chiriaco, an award-winning Personal Trainer with over 13 years experience. Over this time, he has transformed 100’s of peoples lives with his knowledgeable, supportive and dedicated manner, ensuring results without fail. It is very clear to see from the 15+ five star reviews on our Facebook page, highly recommended verified Google+ reviews and the super long testimonials section of our website, we are the real thing!

So what is it? The Kettbox Bootcamp St Albans is an exclusive and premier 12 week transformation program, created exclusively for ladies who want to shape up, get motivated and get positive.

The bootcamp features a maximum of 12 ladies per instructor at any one time to make sure that the quality is there and you get the proper individual attention that is missing from so many other group training experiences.

Use the most effective fitness and fat burning tool known to man… the Kettlebell! You will develop a lean and toned physique that functions as well as it looks, plus develop the ideal nutrition habits to provide a lifetime of health, vitality and performance. We also include boxing pad work as this is not only fun, but extremely good for your fitness.

Who isn’t it for?

This bootcamp isn’t for you if you are constantly making excuses about achieving your fitness goals, if you are not serious about changing your nutrition and training habits and if you are comfortable staying exactly the same as you are right now.

Who IS it for?

If you are committed to spend just 90 days at our Bootcamp St Albans to get better results than you have before, can make 3 training sessions per week, are coachable and happy to make changes to your nutrition program.

Choose your group according to your schedule

The bootcamp takes place indoors at our specialist training facility near St Albans/Harpenden and sessions run on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 9am.

Money Back GuaranteeWe are so confident about this program that we offer a conditional guarantee. If you follow the recommendations and turn up to every session, we will refund your full investment if you can’t honestly say you don’t look or feel any better after 90 days.

Interested in applying to join the bootcamp? We will only accept women who are committed, coachable, able to invest and willing to take action.

Take the next step and apply for a free transformation call by clicking the button below.