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Fitness Programs For Women

Fitness Programs For Women

Fitness Programs For Women

Fitness Programs For Women

Are you looking to get fitter, more toned and stronger? Then you need to know what body type you have and what sort of training plan to follow that will work for you.

Here are my recommendations based on your general body type to get the best results!

The Pear Shape Body. This is where you are a bit wider around your bottom and slender on your upper body. To give you a more ‘balanced’ appearance, you will want to work on your upper body more which will give you an improved overall look. It is still important to work on your lower half to keep toned, but don’t make the mistake of focusing all of your energy on this area. Be sure to also include adequate cardio to help reduce any excess body fat you have around your desired areas.

The Flat Shape Body. You will have very little curves if you are this body type, by specifically choosing which body parts to enhance, you can have more girly curves. Focus on tightening your midsection, which will naturally enhance everything else without having to do much work. Be sure to do plenty of work on your glute muscles, back and shoulders to give you a fuller frame and improving your posture at the same time.

The Curvy Shape Body. You will naturally have hips and a bust area in most cases, here you will want to focus mainly on toning your extremities such as your legs and arms, you have the curves for free just lacking in muscle tone! Focus on full body exercises that will give you tone everywhere without specifically ‘bulking up’ any areas, things like Kettlebells, TRX and bodyweight exercises will work wonders for you.

The Athletic Shape Body. You will have naturally wide shoulders with a smaller waist, you are lucky because you can essentially sculpt and shape your body to your chosen look as your body will respond quickly to diet and exercise. Since you already have a strong build, focus on tightening chosen areas such as the legs and mid section, whilst focusing on doing plenty of aerobic exercise to keep you lean and defined.

NEW BOOTCAMP! If you haven’t already heard about it, my new 12 Week Transformation Bootcamp which is exclusively for women starts on April the 5th in St Albans, Herts. It is going to be a great opportunity for all involved :-).

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