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Get Ripped With Kettlebells

Get Ripped With Kettlebells

Get Ripped With Kettlebells!

Now if you haven’t tried using these bad boys then you are really missing out in the fat loss department, not only will they shred 1000’s of calories but they will shape your body too!

Here’s is the low down on KB’s…

  • You get a FULL BODY WORKOUT since the movements use every part of you. This is amazing for fat loss because muscle is living tissue requiring energy to function, the more you move and recruit, the more you burn baby!
  • You acquire awesome CONDITIONING WITHOUT BULK because of the high metabolic nature of this type of training. Think of a Bruce Lee look rather than the Terminator. Perfect for people looking to stay tight and toned with no excess muscle slowing you down.
  • You get a HUGE SURGE IN GROWTH HORMONE which is responsible for keeping you young, strong and lean. Did you know that this hormone is one of the most potent fat burners on the planet? It’s no wonder Hollywood celeb’s are injecting themselves with it (not recommended).
  • Finally, you save SO MUCH TIME because you are getting your cardio and resistance training all in one, meaning you have more time to spend doing the things you love, unless you love training more than anything. In that case then no… don’t use them because you will be destroyed very quickly and crawling out of the gym is pretty embarrassing!

On a side note, I remember my first gym session and I was in there FAR too long. What happened? I had to prop my hand against the shower wall and literally move my head under my hand to shampoo because my biceps felt like spaghetti… true story!

Get working out with these bad boys and you will truly see results. Be careful with your technique though, make sure you have proper instruction first.