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HIT Training

HIT Training

So what are the benefits of HIT Training?

Athletes have been using these techniques for years to reap the benefits of extreme fitness and conditioning. This is done by combining high intensity anaerobic exercises with short recovery periods.

What I LOVE about training in this manner is how efficient it is, you can get so much done in very little time because you are going for your best if you are doing it right! In fact 15 minutes of high intensity training can be just as good as 60 minutes on the treadmill according to modern research.

Your body will become a rapid, metabolic fat melter due to the increased damage to the muscle cells in comparison to lets say, a steady jog. Not only are you burning fat, but building athletic muscle and high performance movement patterns which apply in any environment which you find yourself in.

One other awesome thing about HIT is that you can do it literally anywhere, anytime and with no equipment. If you don’t want to join a gym and want to get fit at home, getting the most bang for your buck, then this is the way to go!

Lastly, did you know that even your human growth hormone levels will be sent through the roof, meaning that you will look younger and healthier as a result… RESULT!

Try this workout at home

Jog on the spot (x30 seconds)

Burpees (x30 seconds)

Jog on the spot (x30 seconds)

Push Ups (x30 seconds)

Jog on the spot (x30 seconds)

Crunches (x30 seconds)

Jog on the spot (x30 seconds)

Jack Jumps (x30 seconds)

*Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat this circuit 3 times.