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How To Stay Fit With An Office Job

How To Stay Fit With An Office Job

How To Stay Fit With An Office Job

If you are like many of the other people out there sitting down for long periods of time, you an most likely feel the ill effects of this in your body, also affecting your general health.

Here are some tips for you to stay on top of things:

Do you get the train directly to the closest station? Or a bus with is pretty much outside your work place? To increase your daily expenditure, get of your mode of transportation early and walk the rest of the way, just be sure to have a pair of trainers in your handbag ladies!

Get around the office more instead of just sending emails, walk up to the person you need to communicate with as this gets you off your bottom and moving around, not only will this improve your circulation and posture, but give you more energy.

Prepare your lunch in advance to make sure your will power doesn’t crack when you realise you are hungry all of a sudden, some our clients literally have alarms on their phones, reminding them to eat to avoid drops in blood sugar!

On that note, be sure to have slow release carbohydrates early in the day to ensure you burn them off, if you are sitting around all day, you don’t need to consume too many energy giving foods. Instead, focus on quality veg, proteins and fats to keep you full and lean.

Drink plenty of water, people often confuse hunger for dehydration which leads to you over snacking when you don’t actually need it. If you have biscuits lying around at tea time, be sure to have some nuts stashed away to keep you feeling satisfied. Once you break the habit, there may some ‘looks’ and even resistance from people, be a leader in this respect and soon they will be following your trends!

Lastly, join a group exercise program such as a bootcamp to keep motivated, focused and results driven in your personal health and fitness goals.

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