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How To Stop Emotional Eating

How To Stop Emotional Eating

How To Stop Emotional Eating

How To Stop Emotional Eating

Emotional eating in simple terms is overeating in response to feelings rather than actual hunger.

From a young age, we quickly learn that food can provide comfort when feeling emotionally unstable, this is fine at times but when it happens repeatedly, it becomes a habit which then becomes a problem if you are carrying excess weight and suffering from health problems.

What we should be doing is facing the emotion directly, the first thing to do is to become aware of what is going on in that moment when you have the urge to over eat when you aren’t actually hungry. If it helps, keep a diary to monitor and learn from these moments. What is happening in that moment? what situation are you in at the time? what thoughts and emotions could have triggered the need to be comforted?

Some people will tell you how to stop emotional eating by finding something to do, to distract yourself with an activity or even go to sleep! This doesn’t really solve the problem, it is a coping mechanism that is only delaying things temporarily and it will come back to bite you in the A***!

Remember, it is never about the food you crave in that moment, it is what the food is allowing you to avoid right at that moment.

If you simply change the food you eat through will power and avoid developing your mindset, improving your ability to cope with the stresses of the world, then you will most likely gain the weight back and then some!

Only by facing the problem, can you develop the real skills needed to resolve things for yourself. It does take courage, but the other option is to give in to the urge and damage your health… which one would you consciously choose?

This is a very powerful area to work on for real change, it can also be related to drugs, alcohol and even finances, apply this technique to your life and start to make the progress you really want deep down in your heart, you can do it.

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