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Kettlebells For Women

Kettlebells For Women

Kettlebells For Women

Kettlebells For Women: Why all women should be using them!

If you are not using Kettlebells, you are doing yourself a massive injustice! Can you tell that I am a raving fan? Of course you can and it’s for a reason…

Many women come to me with similar issues, wanting to have a tight core, toned legs, bottom and an athletic, strong body that is feminine and slender too. Sound like you?

Here is why you and EVERY OTHER WOMAN that likes exercising should get involved in the craze.

  1. You burn fat like an absolute furnace. Yes, it will literally fall of your body if you use them regularly due to the highly metabolic nature of them. The reason for this is that it engages your whole body, so it’s more effective at making you lean than steady state cardio.
  2. It targets all of your lady parts. The kettlebell swing is my no.1 exercise for a toned bottom, inner thighs and core. The high repetition of this exercise will lift and tighten your body… fast! You will be swinging your way more admiring looks from strangers and the other half!
  3. It tones up without building up. As the exercises are compound and fully body, it keeps the heart rate high and many muscles working at the same time, meaning you will be doing high repetition work to stay tight and toned. This type of training goes against the muscle bound workouts most PT’s will give you since here, you use a lot of momentum to move the weight rather than all out brute force.
  4. Your body alignment will improve. Working all of the posterior muscles in your body when used correctly will improve your posture, these parts of your body are often neglected in most training programs, avoid this trap and have a nicer stance and more confident image to go with it.
  5. Build your mindset along with your body. A positive and strong mindset goes hand in hand with a good looking physique. Once you are thinking healthier, you will be more motivated than ever before to really reach high and achieve your goals.

If you are interested in getting more information about how to use Kettlebells, book a free transformation call by clicking the button below and we can get you smashing your goals!