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Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking for the life you want to live!

If I told you that you were most probably a negative thinker, you may find yourself saying “no way! you don’t know me!” and you would be well within your right to say that. Some people are more aware of their thoughts however many of us are completely unaware, having our lives dictated to us by our own subconscious. That’s pretty crazy if you think about it!

The only way to get to the root of these issues is to entice the inner critic to come out and save the day, you see our beliefs about ourselves and what is possible comes from our experiences in life.

Say these to yourself right now, one at a time and listen to your response…

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

I enjoy eating a healthy diet

I am going to get fitter than I ever have in my life

What did you hear? Was it positive or negative? If the reaction was all positive, then I congratulate you on having yourself together, if not, then you are like 99% of us.

Here is what you can do about it!

Take your negative responses and write an answer back to them, for example:

“Things always go wrong for me” could be turned into “Obstacles are another opportunity for me to learn and get closer to my goals”

“I am terribly unfit and I have too far to go!” could be turned into “I enjoy the feeling of taking care of my body, day by day to achieve my target weight”

“I lack confidence” could be turned into “I am comfortable in my own skin, offering unique talents to the world”

“Diet’s are a waste of time” could be turned into “I love feeding my body with healthy nutrients, everyday I am growing stronger from the inside out”

Why is it important to do this exercise?

I believe this quote explains it pretty well…

“Whatever the mid of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Napoleon Hill

Start believing in yourself and things will open up for you in your life. Write down your positive affirmations and stick them on your bathroom mirror, saying them out loud daily. This will essentially “reprogram” your mind to have positive associations with what was once negative, giving you more of what you want, allowing you to take action through self belief.

Don’t wait another second to start making progress in your goals.