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The Truth About Big Box Gyms

The Truth About Big Box Gyms

The Truth About Big Box Gyms

The Truth About Big Box Gyms

I see this happen time and time again, you are feeling super motivated and positive about getting in shape, things are going to be different this time so you head on in to a big box gym.

You are wowed by the equipment, the facilities, all the classes on offer and then if you sign up ‘today’ you don’t pay a joining fee. It’s a no brainer, take advantage of this deal right now! The sales man tells you don’t worry about reading the terms and conditions, it’s all ‘standard’ so just sign and you do, I mean who wants to waste another minute reading things, you want to get started…

The first week, you get in a session or two, it feels tough and challenging, you already start to emotionally crumble a little, the second week hits and life gets in the way… that is the end of your story. Now it’s all about how you ‘have’ to get to the gym and will do ‘soon’ but you are just so busy.

When you sign up you are thinking positive but here is the thing… you still haven’t encountered the actual reality of transformational training yet, the challenges, the diet and the commitment to your personal cause.

[Shocker coming]

Big box gyms oversell memberships and the business model is all about getting you into a contract so they can build reoccurring revenue. Where is the personalised service? accountability? motivation?

We are very different to these large, big brand corporations. This is how we do things; 

We find the personal reasons ‘why’ you want to get fit, lose weight and be healthy. Fitness is the vehicle that is based on a larger, emotional aspiration, not the goal itself most of the time. Is it to play with your kids? feel more attractive? have more body confidence to perform at work or enjoy life more?

We take the time to chase you up if you don’t turn up, old habits and emotions will pop up so you need someone who can pull you back in when they get in the way. In fact, your mindset is one of the most important factors in personal transformation.

We sell results, not sessions, not access and not anything but that. You know at the end of the initial journey, you will have achieved a specific outcome which is in line with your goals. This includes a solid foundation in nutrition which we deliver and follow up on regularly.

We care about you on a deep level, one of our company values is all about putting you first, not our own egos, business or anything else for that matter. When your own name is attached to a business like ours, you personally invest more because it means more to really help others.

We prefer shorter contracts of 12 weeks rather than 1 year initially, that way you can be committed, we can show our value and deliver on our promise. After than, you can of course take advantage of our longer term deals based on your experience with us, not on an impulse and sales pitch.

We offer community support with regular social evenings, Facebook groups and events for our people, after all, you need a leader and a team of like minded people who have got your back when you need it.

It’s no wonder why so many of these big box gyms have shut down over the recent years…

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