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Why Being Comfortable Is The Enemy Of Success

Why Being Comfortable Is The Enemy Of Success

Why Being Comfortable Is The Enemy Of Success

Find Out Why Being Comfortable Is The Enemy Of Success!

I was speaking to a new client recently who was already very fit and she looked great if I am honest, she looks like she could almost be on the front cover of Women’s Fitness, but she still had goals which seemed difficult to break through in her opinion.

This was a very interesting area to discuss because I commonly come across this obstacle in many people. A lot of you feel that you already do ‘so much’ (even if you are not in reality) to be healthy that you become rigid and stop doing what needs to be done to make progress, in this situation it is was alcohol and late evening starchy food choices.

What really hit home for me here is that people in this situation who are already active, fit and wanting to move forward really struggle with motivation. If a client comes to me over weight, fed up and desperate for change, guess what? They usually get awesome results!

Why? Because they are HUNGRY and they WANT it bad enough, they will do literally anything to achieve it. If you are comfortable where you are, living with mediocrity as your best friend and accept it as who you are, why would you really want to push through into tough territory? You see, a strong, deep and personal motivation always wins.

Getting in shape so you can play with your kids without being tired, or feel confident at work, or even to look great naked so you feel sexy again is going to push you further than someone ‘just wanting to lose a bit of weight’ or ‘get a bit fitter’.

If you are already fit and want to take it to the next level, is it because it would be ‘nice’ or to be on the front cover or a magazine? Get deep with your why and if you do not have one, create one that scares you enough to kick yourself in the a***!!! Get me?

Sign up for a 10K, book a photoshoot or even do a tough mudder, WHATEVER motivates you TO TAKE ACTION! These are the type of people who inspire others to do great things and the type of clients I choose to work with because it is SO MUCH MORE rewarding, most trainers will take the money even if it’s a bad fit, that is not how I roll with my business.

In fact, recently I met a new client who wanted one to one PT, when I prescribed her what she actually needed versus what she thought she needed, I was immediately faced with resistance. So you know what I said? ‘I am sorry but unless you are able to commit to the program fully, I won’t be taking you on as a client’… yes I turn away some people if they are not going to give 100%, just so you know :-). She signed up of course, but on my terms which is actually better for HER because she upped her game and will ultimately get better results, job done.

Remember, change is inevitable and the arrow of time is the only certainty in the world, you must embrace change, being out of your comfort zone and keep adapting to create progress. If a few changes to your lifestyle is the difference between where you are now and where you want  to be, wouldn’t you willingly get out of your own way and as Nike proclaims ‘just do it’? That my friends is the secret to success.