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Why You Should Never Book A Cheap Personal Trainer

Why You Should Never Book A Cheap Personal Trainer

Why You Should Never Book A Cheap Personal Trainer

Why You Should Never Book A Cheap Personal Trainer

I just had to write something on this subject because it’s something that people like you (the client) ought to think about when it comes to hiring a fitness professional.

Personal Trainers out there charging little money are NEVER going to get you any results, period. Think about it, if that PT is at work all day and bragging about how busy he is, how is he going to give you a good service? cover your nutrition? or even have the required energy and enthusiasm to deliver a proper session? It doesn’t work.

Cheap Personal Trainers are ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, they undersell their services and under value their own time for low prices, basically doing anything for a pound. Wouldn’t you prefer someone who charges a little more, has more time to invest in you and takes themselves seriously because they know the value they bring? To change lives! I would much rather turn someone away who wasn’t willing to invest because I know how amazing the results will be.

Let me ask you something…

If you invested £30 a month in a cheap bootcamp, how committed are you actually going to be? The investment should at least make you slightly uncomfortable to the point that it will motivate you to get the most out of it. In fact, some of my best clients are people who could barely afford the training, but they put 100% into it because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In fact, people have come to us after spending money on gym memberships, cheap classes and PT’s who offer no accountability, nutrition, support or inspiration for years! What is the true cost of not hiring a real professional? It would actually work out cheaper to achieve your goal in a short time frame for a slightly higher investment.

I would like to finish on this…

Not all Personal Trainers are the same out there! Some PT’s have done very short courses and it’s quite shocking to know that Premier Training International is qualifying people in just 4 weeks! It actually is quite ridiculous to see people claiming to be experts with no experience or credentials. Are you really going to put your health and body in their hands?

If you want life changing results, know that you deserve the best. Choose strength over injury, weight loss over staying the same, fitness over conversation and quality over poor technique and delivery.