Think Like A Champion

Think Like A Champion | Motivation In Fitness

Think Like A Champion | Motivation In Fitness

Lacking motivation in fitness? Learn how to think like a champion!

Keeping your mind in the right place can be the difference between keeping your word to your goal and crumbling. The person who takes decisive action day after the day, week after week will win the race, not a sprinter who burns out before any real momentum is achieved.

I for one have a list of mantras that I am currently saying out loud daily, this counteracts the negative voice in my head that pops up when things get hard. The more you repeat something… the more you embody it until you truly BECOME IT.

This technique has helped me push through personal limitations in my business and personal life, it can help you massively with your health and fitness goals! This technique is often overlooked by those looking to change old habits, thoughts and behaviours which create the road to success.

Here are my 3 practical tips to think like a champion, maintaining high motivation in fitness!

  1. Be aware of yourself. Whatever you are trying to create in your life right now, whether it is a healthier, fitter body or even to create more positivity in your life, listen to the voice in your head. Are you talking yourself out of what you actually want based on fear? Are you sabotaging your success with unhelpful behaviour?
  2. Create a mantra. By knowing what is actually happening, you can create a mantra to produce alignment in what you want to think and feel, leading to actions that will move you forward. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds but deep down you think that it isn’t possible, you are not going to follow through, therefor reinforcing your negative belief and remaining blocked in this area of your life. A daily mantra of ‘I am a powerful person that I can achieve ANYTHING I set me mind to’ will unlock so many doors for you in your life, not just in your weight loss goals.
  3. Get responsible and be committed. At the end of the day, you are the only one responsible for where you end up, are you going to be a victim who complains and gives up when things get hard? Or are you going to be a champion who see’s failure as feedback, neither good or bad, bringing you closer to your goal. Successful people look at adversity and challenges very differently to unsuccessful people. Quit complaining, man up and take the next step!

I challenge you to do this… instead of thinking of all the reasons why you can’t do something, ask yourself this one question…

“Based on my previous experiences, what CAN I do today that will help me move forward?”

Thinking this way encourages your brain to find solutions rather than focus on obstacles, your mind can be a pretty incredible tool is you use it in the right way.

Using mantras are a daily practise, some days you will want to skip doing it because you don’t feel like it… THESE are the days when you need to do it because change meets resistance, keep pushing through!

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